The Wilds


|Western Wilds|

Home to Demons of the Fen.
Hawklund and some fishermen of Nine Dives are the only to know of the possibility of an ultimate threat in the west. Most are aware of demons emerge from the western mountain and woods – if rarely. Even the most experienced of hunters and animal masters avoid the western lands despite them being relatively warmer.

River Yonder
Old river passing from lake to the north through the mountain southward into the valley of the Western Wilds. Purified via ancient and massive subterranean mushroom forest deep in rock. Old gods died here. From their hides, fed by their souls, sprouted the gigantic fungal forest. Spores retain small measures of the nature god energy which flows in river…
Along the banks snow and darkness ceases to be. Nature has re-emerged in full. Insects buzz, fish bob, birds circle, all manner of natural stirring has blossomed. Grass flowers etc. Small spores lift from the waters and seem as tiny motes of light in the dark and collectively form a winding ethereal glowing strand – twisting with the rivers curves – a river of light above pure rushing waters. Because of this – the Demon’s of The Fen cannot cross it.

Pool of the Rising Star
Where the River Yonder Pools in the mountain forest to the south of the wilds. Secret and only oasis of abundant life. The wellspring from which most true wildlife springs in Orlae. There is a sun being born in the life waters – the result of a thousand year long amalgamation of spores (since fall/dawn of Alldark era). One can see a bright glow unlike any other when peering into crystal depths… The forest has formed densely about sunset so as to completely hide and defend. The wildlife here will stop at nothing to protect Sun. Wind tree and leaf alike will risk all.
Demons are averted from the wellspring of life as it is of a purity beyond only Holy.

Old Hawklund, The Fen
Once the proud and shining tower city of Hawklund. It was an outstanding work of geographical consideration and coexistence with nature. It is said the towers housed ancient trees in which the Avian gods of old perched.

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The Wilds

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