Ten Towns


Common reference: Townies, of the Towns, of the Coast/Shores
Derogatory titles: Eels, Crabs, Coon,
Origin: Human, Sea Elf
Traits: Chatty. Aloof. Scrappy. Territorial. Unpredictable. Sinful. Local. Competitive.
Looks: Blue Gold and Brown.

Ten Towns Legendary Pyre
On the other side of the run from Ten Towns. A forlorn and distant crumbled series of lonely windmills. The pyre at their center is the largest in Alldark Orlae and casts tremendous heat and light for miles around. It is also home to the Lordless Noble family that tend to it’s flames and produce curious coinage unlike the others. Some believe their ways to be cursed but the quality of their coin is unquestionable. Most reflective and usually bearing platinum within.

Lordless Nobles of Ten Towns Pyre
Make slow pilgrimages to five bells where old world platinum coins remain among the tombs. Are not bothered by the entities that dwell there. They are drawn to and from here by the demon that destroyed that keep and who was born in the castle of the Western Wilds. This demon cursed all riches from the empire but was bound to their forms in doing so. For every coin recovered and burned in lightblood a portion of this demon returns – causing the pyre to burn brighter and taller.

The Towns

1. One Horn. On the tallest hill of a dead forest overlooking ten towns and lake. Famous Fort (Ramstead). Barracks, training, etc. Foothold for Warlord who is attempting to conquer. Ten Towns Prison with lightblood harvest in dungeon below.
2. Two Hammers. Low – on steppes below One Horn in mists along shore. Square stone huts built from ruins. Famous Blacksmith (Ramstead) Master metal worker and his school of apprentices from north. Dwarven.
3. Three Lords. Along high cliffs overlooking mist. No docks. Famous shrine and graves. Religious/Residential district (Boa’Sol) crowded but in good repair. Where a majority of the wealthiest populace dwell.
4. Four Dames. Along a beach. Famous Pit Arenas and red-light district (Mix/Free) Small – much is underground and reached from tunnels along slushy shores. Human trafficking and black market goods like condemnation and lightbloods. Secret prison and abominable animal breeding and lightblood breeding/harvesting. Combat pits.
5. Five Bells. Famous Catacombs and Bridge (Boa’Sol) Sunken haunted district. Ancient keep collapsed and took catacombs below with it into where warriors of old were lain to rest. Divides Ten Towns. Bridge arches above ruins drowned by lake. Bell tower atop bridge – time keeper.
6. Six Bricks. Famous Labor district (Mix/Free) (crude material, crafting, processing, remnants of industry, etc.) Armored Wolf Gang (people’s militia).
7. Seven Havens. Famous Courthouse, Inn, and Square (Mix/Free) Neutral turf for food, lodging, and drink. Gambling. Social Hub. Festivals. Announcements.
8. Eight Winds. Famous Trade Guildhall (Talon, Hawklund). Many merchants. Hub for trade in Orlae.
9. Nine Dives. Famous Lorekeeper and Fishermen village (Veil/Hawklund) In a cliff. minor residential district and slum. Longest and Oldest dock. Often where sick are sent in hopes fishing the mysterious waters might assist in their fate. Fishermen are shunned for questionable ability to navigate misty waters in the Alldark.
10. The Tenth Town. Famous abandoned mansion retreats (Veil) abandoned farmland and empty countryside. Distant. Secret home to veil demon enclave

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Ten Towns

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