Last True City of Orlae

Home to the Warlord and his soldiers, sometimes called Rams.
Monarchy. Military might strength in numbers but strong willed individually. Soldiers from here (most of original populace). Knights are high status. Knight-lords or Captains of Ramstead known as Rooks. Court officials are called Bishops. There is a king and several queens. There are twin royal heirs – princess and a prince.

Boasts 70% of Alldark Orlae’s population – who congregated to the massive halls over the course of a thousand years in search of safety and protection. Present day Ramstead is so full that every bit of space within its many walls is filled and even spilling out from the city’s massive gates to the south.

Common character traits among Rams
Common reference: Rams, Soldiers
Derogatory titles: Goats, Sheep
Origin: Dwarf
Style: Northern/European
Looks: Gold and White. Ivory coats and golden faces. Often wear thick snow white fur hides of native snow sheep and items of clothing stained in dyes made from mountain beast bile (ochre yellow). Antlers/Horns/hoof/hammer/axe things. Almost always armored/have weapon in hand. Often hairy/bearded and squat. Usually have some kind of horned/antlered hat or helm.
Traits: Violent. Dense. Brash. Thick skulled. Grit. Temper. Aggressive. Rowdy. Social. Orderly. Proud. Strong. Willful but obedient. Authoritative. Apt combatants. Very powerful when unified. Quiet until disturbed. Dislike ranged combat unless hunting (cowardly, true battle=blood on hands). Mountain Knowledge. War masters.
Dialect: Rough and choppy. Loud. Proud. Usually defensive sounding or accusatory.
Saying: “The Axe cuts and the Hammer nails” This is the way of the north. Purpose: war.
“Butt about-it” – Figure it out with your heads – usually literally. Fighting/violence common in Ramstead and talked of lightly. Buttings are those casual but violent fights among rams of any status that settle disputes.

Northern Range

Ramstead Pyre


Citadel Tower: royal seat and grand barracks. Houses the famed Kings Court. Buildings around this are the inner city and are composed of tried and true Rams. Extremely well made, reinforced, and maintained. Retains all the original qualities of the Old World structure – the legendary hall that housed the Dwarven Warlords of the Northern Range. It has always been the central militant force in Orlae and has stood as a bastion of war for just as long. Largest and tallest structure in Orlae (larger even than Ramstead Gates or Boa’Sol Wall). Tall and square.
Inner City
Clusters of beautiful square marble buildings where the higher ups reside.
Outer City
Largest district enveloping all buildings beyond the inner city but within the walls. Extremely cramped streets – tall patchwork buildings clutter skyline.
Others are kept beyond the inner city in the outer city – an impossibly dense slum.
The gate is operated by army. Beyond it is a sprawling encampment of refugees and travelers waiting to gain entry into the city.


Home to a Secret Mass of Nobles that harness lightblood to garden orchards of cursed fruit trees and vegetation. Many Nobles wander north – the few who can survive the journey without being frozen or destroyed rest here. They drift about soundlessly an eternally. The army will eliminate all Risen should they learn of them. Also houses the Witch Rats |Group|
Buckstone Pyre
Plants Grow in the glow tendrils of a the Pyre that spread up into ruins of Buckstone.

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