Noble families and the Lightblood Pyres of the Run.
The 4 kingdoms/city states charged the remnants of their respective and once proud but fallen noble families to maintain the Pyres along the Run. It is believed without words that the first of these Pyre keepers were the direct descendants of the ruling class that threw the realm into ruin.

As a means of regaining their honor, every generation was charged with handling the masses of Lightblood and it’s ever-burning flames. It has been so for hundreds of years. Handling fire that burns forever is extremely dangerous but keepers become very proficient with it and careful, although countless are consumed by it. Their very existence is bound to these towers of fire – often from birth until death. All things that were human were burned away long ago and only the noble keepers remain – ceaselessly working, silent in repentance and, ever watchful.

These nobles do “live” and wander about. They are shunned by most but sometimes dig holes close to their pyres in which they repopulate. They sometimes eat and drink but do not need to. They remain enchanted by the fires and the blood. And by the coins which their ancestors twisted the world for.

Some have heard disturbing tales of tremendous masses of Nobles in the dark far to the north…

Reacting to PCs Hallowed blood
Nobles automatically detest the PCs as they can sense their blood that opposes the nature of their very own existence. A rare few might acknowledge the fact that the presence of these beings means the extinguishment of their species but that it means peace at last for the once noble people. They may seek to assist with this in ‘mind’.

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