Ironshark Drakes

Also called Gimpdragons. Rare and abstractions of their former powerful draconic selves. Adapted through demonic magic crudely through a thousand years. Nest is found in Volcano below the Veil’s Caravel Cliff Hideout. The creatures grow and roam freely – beginning by feeding on creatures of the lake while developing their armored carapace. They then move to the land to feed in the wilds. Their wings develop during this time. Only when they first emerge are shark drakes vulnerable as their shells are still soft, their wings have not yet developed, and they have not acclimatized to land. They make for the mountains when their wings are ready and feed on the unreachable herds of legend that graze in their peaks. Some return to their birthplace for unknown reasons. Perhaps to oversee the fate of their species beginning…


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Ironshark Drakes

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