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Waylanders & Risen of the Hallowed Hall (so far)

Craig Dolan III

Human Hermit Sorcerer
Familiar: Dr. Toboggan: Albino Praying Mantis (Bug-Empathy [wild empathy with insectoids]) Of some renown – a Bug God legend.
Died long ago – while trying to use non-helper magic during the fall was crushed by something falling… ?
HALLOWED POWER: Icicle Daggers (Tier II)
SHATTERED BONES snap and shift when hallowing
Leather Armor
Ugly as fuck. Hideous creature.

Human Thieves-Guildmaster Rogue
Died recently – wealthy influential guild master. Impossible mission awesome artifiact gold or whatever is valued. “Goin for a shitlode”. Turns out it was impossible… guarded by a lightning god.
HALLOWED POWER: Gelid Stream (tier II)
LIGHTNING BURN SCAR crackles when hallowing
Hand gesture secret signs known exclusively among members of the shade (tends to spam) the secret organization of whom he is master of… (thieves guild – SO SECRET) if you talk about it then I know you’re not in it.
Hand Crossbow
Leather Armor
Goatee and tight curly fro with mutton chops
Age: 36. Average build.


Elf-Pureblood Woodcarver Warlock
Died long ago – all he remembers is a conflict occurring that was going to cause bad things (the fall) Old Hawklund was disputing whether or not to get involved – civil war ensued and Hizzart was murdered by those he loved most – their killing blow a bastard sword running him askew.
HALLOWED POWER: Hallowed Beam (tier II) – absorbed by a pack of Jinmenken
BASTARD HOLE SCAR spews mist when hallowing
Nomad garb black
Jabadoo Rivalry
Bastard sword
Chain shirt(metal)
Trunk of gold (1000)
Elf pure blood true traits. Long white hair. Older elf. Slender and size of a short man.

Non Player Characters

To the East…

|Baustrik| Ex-Knight of Hawklund
Red curly hair. Greek like. Young (27) and handsome but weary. Paranoid. Wears half plate armor and large cloak. Has the helm of a Hawklund Knight but wears only in battle. Wields hooked greatsword common among anti-cavalry soldiers of the Flock. Defensive tactician but not very fast. Eagle Tribe.
|Ada| Lightblooded daughter of the Baroness and the Flock
Young woman (20). Quite beautiful. Shaved head and dirtied face for disguise. Small build. Slightly pointed ears. Wears a Cloak of Murmurs. Timid and shocked from abusive life as personal lightblood provider to her own mother. She had thought that to be her role and fate until falling in love with Baustrik who will stop at nothing to find peace for her.

|Granys| Boa’Sol Clergy Treasurer
Older man (60). Fatherly and plump. Wears white brown and green scaled robes and wields a poisoned Flashblade katana. He has poisoned various other things including a dagger, a ring, and a cap on his own tooth. Loyal to Boa’Sol and loves the Messiahs and his Scribe Pomme as his own children. Hard on Pomme to help him survive.
|Pomme| Treasurer’s Scribe, Big Brother
Very young man (15). Brown hair average build. Has short sword at hip and quill and parchment always. Becoming. On the cusp of manhood. Brave but cautious. All around nice and helpful… The children messiahs worry about their friend when he must accompany his lord to the church by the pyre every week. Pomme has been their closest playmate since they were born and is as beloved as any older brother.

|Zouthane|Captain of the Boa’Sol Vanguard
Middle aged man (34). Average height and build. Commanding presence. Wields twin short and usually poisoned Flashblade Katana and wears a Great Boa Mantle. Has moustache but face is horribly scarred and buried in dark hair beneath the snake cowl. He has a warm smile but is careful not to betray any sign of his intentions… Shameful air.
|Manzis| Wall Warden of Boa’Sol
Middle aged woman (35). Long straight dark hair pulled over one ear. One green eye shows only. Freckles. Rarely speaks but smiles often albeit toothless… Master sharpshooter and spotter in the dark. Wields long barreled firearm and a poisoned Flashblade kusari gama(extended for 25ft reach). Ever alert despite quiet and shy disposition. Secret lover and cousin of Zouthane. Guilty air.

|Jabadoo| Risen ranger of the Old World
Male young dwarf (29). Short and square. Hails from the original kingdom of Ramstead from long ago. Rose with PCs at the time of their revival in Hallowed Hall. Dwarvish – stout and resilient. Dark Bearded. Hair is braided if alive beyond Hallowed Hall. Body covered in scars from old death by wolves. Can serve as tool to cue other Risen onto Hallowed Powers. Has excellent survival abilities – even more so now that he is Risen. Once served as groundskeeper for royal mountain hunting grounds to the north. Royal Mountain Ranger. Wields a longbow and a hefty iron staff. Avoids combat and relies on environment almost always.

To the west…
|Talon Garigold|
|Talon Elvira|
|The Veil| Spirit of West Lake

To the north…
|Bishop Bee|
|The Warlord|

To the south…
|The Baroness| Mother of Hawklund and the Flock
Tribal Priestess and Trade Baron of Hawklund.

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