Last Tribes of Orlae

Home to the Baroness and the Flock. Sprawling nomadic city and Fey enclave. Descendants of elves and woodland/hill fey like halfling, gnomes, and others. It’s people fled their lands before the fall due to some old battle with demons for the Jewel of Orlae – the old city of legend far to the west.

Hawklund people are quick and flighty. They are very curious and enjoy collecting things be they stories or items or companions etc. They have an affinity for all animals and especially revere avian creatures – who are the sole beings in the kingdom capable of traversing the land so freely. The birds hold the secret to life here but are too hard even for masters of the Flock to track in the black cold of the Alldark.

Most people practice some trade applying to land and animal and are travelling merchants of this. Business and getting the best bargain are top priority. Highest ups are those business men and women who are most successful. Most successful often have highest skills in their particular trade.

The Flock adorn themselves with feathers as well as animal pelts and hides of all kinds. They keep the company of numerous beasts – both herded, hunted, and domesticated – a partnership with the wild reserved to the Tribes of the Flock. The Flock are known to communicate through darting messenger birds called Nighthawks. This kinship with animals and the land causes some to lash out against the Flock in jealousy or usually suspicion of spellcraft – for what must be old condemnation magic at work in their nature.

Derogatory titles: birds, rats
Origin: Wood Elf, Gnome, Halfling
Style: Tribal/Nomadic
Looks: Purple and silver. Colorful. Plumage and feathers. Hooked items. Beaked helmets. Large Bone items weapons armor and tools. Pack rats. Wild Animal companions. Nomadic gear for mobility – light and convenient. Pointed ears. Large eyes. Small and fast.
Traits: Tribal. Exotic? Dramatic. Theatrical. Savvy. Hagglers. Rogue. Quick. Flighty. Indecisive. Wanderers. Collectors. Adore animals. Keen senses. Forest Knowledge. Airs of guilt and reverie. Lost. Nostalgic and reminisce of past often. Conversational but with motive to gain. Merchants. Survival and Arts masters.
Dialect: sharp. Speak quickly. Busy. Often haggling leads to “squabbles” among flock – loud and fast arguments in which merchants display theatrics.

Hawklund Feathers:
Each tribe’s unique plumage is always adorned and displayed on their bodies. The inherent proprieties of their respective magical feathers affect each tribesman and woman at all times unless plucked.

Tribes of the Flock

The tribes have come together from across the land – forming a unified but diverse peoples known as the Flock. Each has an avian totem whose plumes and colors they wear with flourish and pride.
The banner under which they flock depicts a single hawks feather composed of many colors.

Red Eagle Tribe
Virtues: Hunting, War, Strength, Power, Pride
From: Western Boreal Forests and mountains
Trade: Hunters, Warriors, Rangers, Herders, Scouts
Animal Husbandry: Mountain Elk

Blue Osprey Tribe.
Virtues: Hunting, Fishing, Exploring
From: Lakeshores and Ocean cliffs
Trade: Map makers, water finders, fish traders, hunters, gatherers, herders,
Animal husbandry: Quill Buffalo
Yellow Heron Tribe.
Virtues: Trap Making, Defensive Planning, Trickery
From: Eastern swamp forests
Trade: Traps, Trap makers, Tinkerers, Crafters, Hunters, Gatherers
Animal Husbandry: Giga Heron
Green Falcon Tribe.
Virtues: Hunting, Herding, Exploring, Scouting
From: Western Boreal Forests and central plains
Trade: Hunters, Hunted goods, Herders, gatherers, explorers
Animal Husbandry: Woolywalkers
Purple Owl Tribe.
Virtues: Hunting, Wisdom, Alertness, Charting
From: Western Boreal Forest and plains and mountains
Trade: Information exchange, herders, gatherers, hunters
Animal Husbandry: Great Mink
Black Vulture Tribe.
Virtues: Scavenging, Thieving, Hunting, Killing, Surviving
From: Southern Mountains and Plains
Trade: Special crafts usually made from godly bones, Black market, Hunters and assassins
Animal Husbandry: Blood Salamanders
White Pheasant Tribe.
Herders & Hosts
Virtues: Gathering, Homemaking, Cooking, Comfort From: Plains and central/western forests. Trade: Farming, Hosting, Nurturing, Herding,
Animal Husbandry: Winter Boar
? Secret Royal Raven Tribe Baroness’s clan

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