Hallowed Blood


Hallowed magic is of the most primordial and ultimate form of magic. It is neither Arcane nor Divine and lies at the frozen heart of Orlae. Hallowed Blood runs counter to Lightblood (opposite). It is quickly detected by Nobles as it can extinguish the eternal fires of their Pyres. Proximity to lightblood causes a dampening of Hallowed Ability. By contrast, when in the dark and the cold, Hallowed Abilities function to their maximum effect.

These abilities begin in their malignant form but can be improved by absorbing more Hallowed Blood – most often the result of slaying some Hallowed thing. One is able to use their Hallowed Ability times per day equal to their respective Hallowing Tier (1-9).

Each tier offers significant improvement to a Hallowed Abilities base effects. Each improvement is tailored to every individual hallowed’s unique ability. Improvement operates not unlike acquiring metamagic feats but is ultimately left to the discretion of the DM. One’s use of the ability both within and outside combat often determines HOW the ability improves. The level of hallowing belonging to whatever hallowed being is slain often determines HOW MUCH the ability improves.

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Hallowed Blood

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