Blind Bulky animals. Hefty for heat and stamina in dark and cold. Most species died off with the sun but some adapted. Pale and hairy. Sensory appendages and abilities increased as well. Horses Dogs Cats and Birds Fish all exist but very sparsely and in dark states.
Creatures are as rare as the people of this realm. Any that have survived without the sun are twisted and boast some latent adaptive ability as a result. Either that or they have survived from a partnership with humans… or perhaps they sided with something else…
Most animals are feared and should be as they fear and attack humans and anything readily in the dark. Most bare some latent animosity towards man.
The Flock of Hawklund are renown for their animal handling and husbandry abilities. This has carried over since the fall and provides them with both demand and supply for animal trade at all times in Orlae.
It is a firm hope of the people that the presence of these animals, if few, is evidence of some pocket of life in the wilds yet unknown to the kingdoms. Some correlate this with legends of the River of Light said to be somewhere deep in the Alldark.

Alldark Insects
Alldark Vermin
Baroness’s Beast
Blood Salamander
Burrow Birds, Corpse Crows, Hummers, Hivers
Dead Giants
Dire Predators: Wolves, Bears, Boar, Lions and Tigers
Flaming Animals
Fungal Abominations
Fungal Hare
Fungal Troglodytes
Giant Owls
Giant Waterbugs
Giga Heron
Great Boa
Great Mink
Great Elk Mountain Steer, Leghorns
Great Rams of The Northern Range
Great Whitegoats, Giant snow Sheep, Woolen Yak
Hallowed Beast
Houndravens, Wolfcrows
Ironshark Drakes, Gimpdragons
Mongrel Coons
Quill Buffalo
Winter Pheasant
Winter Wolfdogs
Winter Boar, Woolen Hogs, Fur Pigs
Woolen Chicken, Hairy Cocks & Hens, Snow Peckers
Woolywalkers, Woolen Raptor, Killer Lizards

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