This era begins after a time of great conflict – before the memories of any mortal (1000years previous) in a land that was once the very kingdom of the Sun…
The fall, the upheaval, the disgrace of mortals from god, has all been forgotten. It is said the first peoples flew too close to the sun and were cast to the cold and dark earth. Flightless, without divinity, these sun beings became human and were cursed with their god’s flaming blood, forever burning out from within their heart so as to cleanse it of its own mortal impurity (Lightblood allegory – the first peoples defiled and abused the balance of nature and it retaliated).

Consider adaptations to this All-Dark. No Light. Very Cold Environment – dead forests, depression, madness, warmth=light, personal space, fight or flight, anxiety, pale things, need for fire, places that accommodate or center around fire, wood gatherers, barren forests, tunneling things, light sensitivity, love, claustrophobia, death, despair, cold*, fear. lowlight vision doubly effective. Creatures w/ darkvision have significant advantage (literally and societally).
People severely untrusting as darkness allows for all things hidden and secret. Rampant superstition violence and fear. Equally rampant obsessive and pure love and devotion to those capable of trust and empathy. Snow most-everywhere. Ice layers. Frozen dead forests. Barren fields and snowy tundra. Ice covered peaks. Frozen rivers. Warm wind from the west always, however sparse. Hot springs in lake. Water from melting snow and ice – constant supply but requires purification from wild sources. Foods include fungal farms, rare vegetation, insect farms, fishing, hog farms, elk herding, horse herding, dog keeping, hunting and trapping beasts, cannibalism, etc.Many believe this to be a realm of Death – perhaps some plane just beyond Death’s door.

Over the course of a thousand years in the Alldark much has come to change among the original races of Orlae. Their previous traits were dulled – leaving only aberrant traces of ancestry among those who wander the blackness with no other name than humans. For purposes of campaign – all traditional races retain full benefits. Pure Blooded races from Old Orlae gain boosted racial bonus (x2) but appear as such – drawing massive attention when noticed.

Magic itself (rare). What few who wield the forgotten power are condemned with superstition (extreme)- often burned to mark or purge. Spellcasters gain extra skillpoints/lvl based on their cha bonus (adaptation bonus)

A rare strain of blood that can burn brilliantly forever flows through a small portion of the population: Lightblood. These vessels, vesicles, light-blooded are supposed descendants of God {DIAS}, once also understood as the Sun, though few can recall such things. Lightblood is the most valuable resource in the Alldark. Humans who have this rare blood are equally revered and tortured: revered→divine status+cult following; tortured→dehumanized+harvested. Theory: Positive or love based nourishing provides highest quality Lightblood; opposite also true – those who are harvested produce weakest flame but harvesters compensate with quantity whenever this occurs.
Produces a radiant sun-like everburning flame when burned. Remains a liquid always. Behaves as oil (flammable). Does not clot (hemophiliac) Behaves as holy or unholy water depending on treatment. May cure hp or inflict damage. *Putting out lightblood flames: Takes 100x amount of water or soil (complete removal of oxygen). Or exposure to Hallowed blood.

Lightblood is drawn from it’s hosts in many degrees through any means that draw blood. Some humans with the affliction are kept as slaves – their blood is harvested slowly so as to keep the host alive. Some are used even worse as pumps and are continuously drained and resupplied with the blood of lesser beings. It is whispered that the Warlord has a massive compound of this sort that has allowed him such military prowess… Some lords are given a lifeblood vessel as status like land or title to be used at their leisure as knight or vassal. Conversely, there are saints among the lightblood within some communities – the Messiahs are the revered Children of Boa’Sol to the East. All 12 have lightblood and only a drop a week is retrieved from them to light important excavation of their mine and facilitate the rebuilding of their great wall.

Massive Pillars of flame speckle the valley and light the main road. They are maintained by their respective neighboring city states. These serve as an integral function to society – literal pillars of light in the dark.
Each has its own tenant or virtue associated . Strong city-appointed vanguards protect most while damned workers known as NOBLES maintain all (see Denizens→Nobles).
Pyre can be used as signal by adding Magic Ash (see Things→Uncommon Items) to change its color/behavior and message: Green Fireworks: means pyre compromised. Blue Lightning: means need outside help (signals great distance).

Coins, from the old world only retain value when they are charred in the flames of a Lightblood Pyre. These adapted coins are also called Noble Marks. Appraise
Each Noble Mark features…
A coin: gold, silver, copper, stone, iron, or wood;
A thick glass coating(to catch light): high to low quality glass;
A char: unique to each ‘s respective pyre’s flame which produce subtle variations in look, texture and feel, smell, density, and reflectivity. This blackens the glass into patterns that differ from one another – as each Pyre and it’s Noble mark differs.
Some believe the marks on the dark land’s coin are messages given to any who would see them from the nobles or an old god or spirit or spirits of the pyre’s blood sacrifice(s)

“They call it that for a reason”
A massive and ancient ruined cobblestone road lit by towering and ever burning Lifeblood Pyres connect a handful of city states amidst the wilds and endless dark of the valley. These Lifeblood Pyres are maintained by respective vanguards of each city state who often screen travelers on their city’s behalf. Dark spots along
Entering settlements – Notes: A Note is required to be presented in order to enter settlements as a safety precaution. This note can be any piece tying someone to another notable and trustworthy figure within – a letter with stamp. A signet ring. A personal item. A feather for Hawklund. A lure for Ten Towns. The head of an old Boa or its teeth or scales for Boa Sol. Banners handkerchiefs totems weapons Etc. May be sold by some official merchants as keys to cities effectively.

Camp and Trail essentials sold at most general stores with a wide variety of items being sold by travelling vendors of the Flock.
It is important to consider that many use light very intelligently at this point of life in the dark. Most have adapted and are comfortable/feel safer when travelling without a torch as light can attract unwanted attention. There are many signals made with flames from afar to communicate basic things like Friendly or Need Help or Stay Away.

The planet beyond the valley of Orlae remains encased in an impossibly massive layer of ice. The ice begins where the valley ends beyond its mountain walls. The Endless Ice is as its name suggests – massive and seemingly infinite. Is it devoid of life? There have been some expeditions but none of the successful in finding anything besides ice and darkness.

It is said that somewhere in the Alldark winds a fabled river of light (perhaps a river of blood, for this world is a resting place for the damned… This river has already come to be and washed away all that was. This world is the last of these trickling drops falling into emptiness.)
An actual river of light is found beyond Hawklund and West Lake borders in the heart of the Western Wilds. The lake passes through an old mountain home of a dead god and carries with it spores from ancient fungal forest fed by it’s remains within caverns.

PCs were born/brought to this realm through necromancy by The Hallowed Beast beneath the battlefields. They retain it’s blood – which runs cool and can extinguish any lifeblood flame. Hallowed ability diminishes greatly when close to flame – especially Lightblood. Most believe these signs to be evidence of some condemned dark spirit possession…
These Risen are often met with confusion and conflict as their very breath could betray condemnation magic at work. Truth: Hallowed Blood opposite of Lightblood. (First Peoples: ice/shadow being vs. fire/sun being). Hallowed Blood is of the cold shadow beings once called Camazots – ancient powerful spirits channeled through the hill mystics of old into the Hallowed Hall.


Alldark Prayer | Riddlesong
Verse fragments from a childsong of the old world now used in common speech. Repeated often, in part or in full, as a general prayer or exclamation for various reasons.

“Inside a great blue castle
Lives a shy young maid
She blushes in the morning
And comes not out at night”

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