Citizens of the Alldark

Regional/Cultural Character Traits of the Peoples. Derogatory title refers to the names people from these regions are called by the people from others.

Common reference: Rams, Soldiers
Derogatory titles: Goats, Sheep
Origin: Dwarf
Style: Northern/European
Looks: Gold and White. Ivory coats and golden faces. Often wear thick snow white fur hides of native snow sheep and items of clothing stained in dyes made from mountain beast bile (ochre yellow). Antlers/Horns/hoof/hammer/axe things. Often hairy/bearded and squat. Usually have some kind of horned/antlered hat or helm.
Traits: Dense. Brash. Thick skulled. Grit. Temper. Aggressive. Rowdy. Social. Orderly. Proud. Strong. Willful but obedient. Authoritative. Apt combatants. Very powerful when unified. Quiet until disturbed. Dislike ranged combat unless hunting. Mountain Knowledge. War masters.
Dialect: Rough and choppy. Loud. Proud. Usually defensive sounding or accusatory.
Saying: "

Ten Towns
Common reference: Townies, of the Towns, of the Coast/Shores
Derogatory titles: Eels, Crabs, Coon,
Origin: Human, Sea Elf
Traits: Chatty. Aloof. Scrappy. Territorial. Unpredictable. Sinful. Local. Competitive.
Looks: Blue Gold and Brown.

West Lake and Western Wilds
Origin: Demon, Fey

Common reference: Apostles, the Clergy
Derogatory titles: Serpents, Slugs, Pedos
Origin: Human, Giant
Looks: Green and Red. Emerald scales ruby eyes. Wide brimmed hatted steel and wood full helms with two vertical slits for eyes and horizontal for mouth. Scaled garb. Katana, curved weapons, twin weapons. Eastern styles. Boa Constrictor themes. Robes. Very Large. Tallest and attractive people.
Traits: Holy. Kind. Gentle. Warm. Loving. Family oriented. Friendly. Honorable. Calculating. Plotting. Cautious. Smooth. Prepared. Peaceful. Venomous. Tricky. Charismatic. Adaptable. Pious. Reserved. Smart. Balanced. Good. Hopeful. Rebuilding virtue and culture. Craft masters.
Dialect: Smooth, warm, and honest but somewhat withdrawn (reserved/cautious).
Saying: “A hug is warm until it is cold.” words of caution. Rallying words for those who would have their enemies crushed cold and dead in their embrace.

Derogatory titles: birds, rats
Origin: Wood Elf, Gnome, Halfling
Style: Tribal/Nomadic
Looks: Purple and silver. Colorful. Plumage and feathers. Hooked items. Beaked helmets. Large Bone items weapons armor and tools. Pack rats. Wild Animal companions. Nomadic gear for mobility – light and convenient. Pointed ears. Large eyes. Small and fast.
Traits: Tribal. Exotic? Dramatic. Theatrical. Savvy. Hagglers. Rogue. Quick. Flighty. Indecisive. Wanderers. Collectors. Adore animals. Keen senses. Forest Knowledge. Airs of guilt and reverie. Lost. Nostalgic and reminisce of past often. Conversational but with motive to gain. Merchants. Survival and Arts masters.
Dialect: sharp. Speak quickly. Busy. Often haggling leads to “squabbles” among flock – loud and fast arguments in which merchants display theatrics.

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Citizens of the Alldark

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