Chapel Grounds

Main Chapel points of interest:

Cookhouse: Open concept cooking and dining section on marble stretch of floor before steps to Altar room. Has large hearth surrounded by long tables.
Abbey: Shabby Inn at the center – fine but run down ornate wooden construction with low ceilings (8ft) Effectively a bunkhouse boasting 6 long rooms filled with 12 bunk beds each. Common room has a tavern called the Cat. Has several haggard cats that live in it and kill vermin.
Vendors market: large trade and service cluster where patrons of the Cathedral Village sell travelling or crafting supplies and foodstuffs. Busy bustle of stalls and tents and small shops. Stone Stops: A few large stones mark key vendors/merchants in community – hawkers who trade and sell renowned apostle crafted gear and who may fulfil specialty requests (Poison, Holy, Oil, Katana, Firearms, Explosives).

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Chapel Grounds

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