Giant Bat Lorekeepers of the Valley – corrupted by knowledge in Demon Castle. Secret puppeteer of the Veil. Lord of the Ancient Mystics and Very soul of the land (shadow/ice being descendants – opposed to sun beings and God {Dias} – these beings are opposite dark versions of sun people of Dias – called {Camazotz}. Exists in an infinitely expanding void bordering this plane and all others.
This realm exists in infinite layers… Each layer is flat and solid with a layer of shallow water on its surface. One cannot see the endlessly expanding horizon beyond as a blanket of rainfall interrupts all vision and deafens the senses. The billions of drops all move with different speeds as though deliberate… Some move so fast they are unseen and would surely kill any creatures of flesh and blood. The intensity of the rain increases upon descending each layer. The frequency of encountering lethal drops also increases. Middle layers are blood. Final layers are Lightblood.
Each drop emits a unique and ever changing pattern – a morse code of sorts. Together – each raindrop of each layer within this void form an ever evolving collective tapestry of echoes. These echoes can only be read and interpreted/scryed by the Camazots and they tell all.


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