Last Holy village of Orlae

Home to the Messiahs and their apostles – otherwise known as The Clergy. It’s people descend from humans and giants. Highest quality Lightblood in Alldark Orlae due to ultimate devotion of it’s people to the host of Lightblooded children. A drop of one of their blood is equivalent to all the blood in the body of a normal lightblooded man. Potency and purity (albeit poison) is a central virtue of Boa’Sol whose people have come to be known as Apostles or the Clergy.

Common reference: Apostles, the Clergy
Derogatory titles: Serpents, Slugs, Pedos
Origin: Human, Giant
Looks: Green and Red. Emerald scales ruby eyes. Wide brimmed hatted steel and wood full helms with two vertical slits for eyes and horizontal for mouth. Scaled garb. Katana, curved weapons, twin weapons. Eastern styles. Boa Constrictor themes. Robes. Very Large. Tallest and attractive people.
Traits: Holy. Kind. Gentle. Warm. Loving. Family oriented. Friendly. Honorable. Calculating. Plotting. Cautious. Smooth. Prepared. Peaceful. Venomous. Tricky. Charismatic. Adaptable. Pious. Reserved. Smart. Balanced. Good. Hopeful. Rebuilding virtue and culture. Craft masters.
Dialect: Smooth, warm, and honest but somewhat withdrawn (reserved/cautious).
Saying: “A hug is warm until it is cold.” words of caution. Rallying words for those who would have their enemies crushed cold and dead in their embrace.

|The Mire|

Many call the old swamplands beyond Boa’Sol’s Wall the Mire. These outskirts boast several points of interest.

Boa’Sol Pyre
Large pyre of burning lightblood fire – known for boasting the most radiant quality flame (high quality from Messiahs pure blood). Home to strange but peaceful Nobles. A vanguard often accompanied by Zouthane patrols the grounds which house a handful small shacks and a small church capable of quickly reinforcing itself. Granys, cathedral treasurer, and Pomme travel across the battlefields and stay here once a week to attend to and make note of Coinage being produced by Nobles in their Pyre.

Battlefield graveyards
The entirety of the swamps are renown across Orlae for being home to the most violent and numerous battles. Not much has changed in the Alldark – but the snowy fields remained littered with countless remnants of war. A warriors weapons and armor must rest with its wielder traditionally and so is thrust upright en-mass – peeking through the snow here and there where there are no paths… a forest of skeletal spears, swords, and suits of armor thrust from thick snow.
can damage – can be searched: although heavily looted over a millennia. There is a sinkhole away from the beaten paths in the snow – a hole to a forgotten hall deep below.

Hallowed Hall
Huge ancient hall below battlefields. Was once seat of hill mystics who sought to harness magic’s true potential through whatever means necessary. These first mystics tamed minotaur beasts from primordial labyrinths once spreading below Hall. Home to aberrant magic that continuously resurrects the dead and guarded by the Hallowed Beast – a magical creature (last of the minotaur) that is possessed by the spirits of the mystics but damned to reside in the Hall for eternity.

Ruined Town
An old town lies in ruins across the battlefields southern sections. Haunted and forbidden. There is one last structure almost completely hidden by snow and ruin called the Last Home, where the spirit haunting the ruins is said to reside.

Fortress Ruins
An old crumbled fortress once home to hill giants remains as a shell of its former self. Because some of its defensive walls still remain intact – this is often a spot for travelers making their way to and from the Holy land. Often houses several drifters. It is close to old mangrove forest and the mountains beyond and often falls prey to wild beast attack as such.

Fang Falls
Old mangrove pools and surrounding forests. Two waterfalls plummet from peaks high above into icy waters. Dead twisted forest.

Southern Forest
Once the Old Swamps and home to the Great Boas. Now frozen forest. There are mud wallows below the ancient trees where serpents and creatures exist in relative warmth. The forest trees are being consumed by a variant fungus of the swamp that infects trees and releases a toxic miasma carried on wind to other trees. Those who hunt in the poison wear special masks crafted by Boa’Sol specialists.


Simple layout. Wall and mountain surround small barren meadow. North of meadow is massive patchwork cathedral. Original structure buried beneath a teeming mass of additions patched to one another forming a man-made hive. Small fires light a path from wall to church but also illuminates a stretch of track leading from the chapel to the far wall of mountain cliffs. They run into a gaping hole leading deep into stone. To the south are stables where a close by herd of winter horses wander in the glow. High in the peaks above is a lone well- made tower surveying lands.
Note: Great Boa/hide/head. Boa Egg. Lightblooded or with vessel seeking refuge. Win a duel and prove honor/expose intent. Have a Flock merchant contract from Hawklund Etc. Bare crafts in need of work from Boa’Sol’s famous apostle craftsmen.
Exports: lumber, ore, oil, poison, tools, Holy Lightblood oil and wax products
Condemnations: Very superstitious and hostile towards any unholy things especially any magic. Burn heretics and the condemned at the steak beyond their walls in the battlefield graves beyond.

Boa’Sol Wall: Iconic structure manned by rifle bearing soldiers of the clergy. In perpetual repair as the village remains under constant threat. Wreckage for 15ft around where wall begins. 40ft high and 15ft thick. Built atop ruins made by old giant lords of land. Made mainly out stone and hundreds of logs of lumber. Wall Warden, Manzis is NPC here.

Main Chapel: A dozen massive lightblood chandeliers illuminate giant hall. A chandelier for each Messiah and a candle for each apostle. Hub of activity and life in Boa’Sol. Truly massive hall leading to Altar room. The expanse is 200ft wide and 500ft long and houses shops and services. The clergy live in extremely cramped handcrafted huts that compose the walls of hall called the Cloister. Winding staircases twist to meet layers of narrow paths connecting tiny homes – allowing residents to reach ground floor. These grounds have small restaurants, taverns, and shops and even a small shrine-like Inn. See | Chapel Grounds| for more.
Altar Room: Large circular chamber with stained glass window and 3 steeples high above. Large altar at center has 12 seats carved into it where Messiahs address and engage with their apostles. Large organ with brace pipes lacing room. Has huge doors that can seal room off from main chapel hall.
Steeples: Where Messiahs reside. 2 steeples 100-150ft high. Lifts from secret room behind organ. Giant boas guards each tower – resting within its walls. Symbolize union of giant and human and sky (heavens/stars/sun).
Crafting Annex: Series of wooden chambers in large well made addition. Include places of work for many of the clergy. Craft beams and reinforcements for wall. Also develop mining gear.
Stockrooms: Where apostles gather materials from mine, lumber and water, fungus from farm and wild, and poison and meat from hunts. Also where barracks are for Knights of Boa’Sol and the seat of their captain, Zouthane. Location reasoning: They protect and ensure just resource distribution and carry out the will of the Messiahs.
Cloister: where clergy reside. Cramped homes stack atop one another forming the main chapels walls. There are narrow paths connecting the hatch-like or port-hole like doors and winding staircases leading to the floor below.
Rafters: Above cloister and main chapel – home of the Killer Mangrove Gang and the rest of Boa’Sol’s riff-raff. There is a small Inn up here called the Riffraftor Inn and it is built along a central beam parallel to floor.

Stables: Across meadow from cathedral – to the south. Where winter horses are bread for both use and consumption. The males are kept for husbandry and the females are bread and eaten. Stable-master duty shifts among the clergy.

Mine: Tracks lead into tunnels. The initial tunnels are massive and old – not man made but the burrow marks of some ancient serpent of the mountain. From the huge holes small mine shafts weave beyond. Some very tiny and cramped. Most of these tunnels and shafts have a track and several carts along it used to deliver any mined material like oil from the several wells and different ores from various deposits.
Fungal Farm: The farthest section of the large tunnels is deep in the earth and has a small measure of natural heat within it. A sizable fungal farm grows here with the help of diligent apostles. The produce is shipped back in carts.
Labyrinth Dungeon: Below the mines is an expansive ancient labyrinth that once connected to the Hallowed Hall in the Graveyard battlefields outside Boa’Sol and even beyond.

Lookout: Symbolic and functional structure. Currently houses a platoon of Ramstead soldiers to secure an agreement between the kingdoms for oil from the mine. Tower overlooks eastern valley and is excellent vantage point on Boa’Sol (within arrow and gunshot distance). Hostile – shunned by most of the Clergy – platoon is aggressive and unfriendly.

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