• Ada


    Lightblooded Stranger accompanying Baustrik
  • Baustrik


    Ex-Knight of Hawklund on the run
  • Bishop Bee

    Bishop Bee

    Ram-Grafted Knight-Hunter Initiate. Rides Dire Wolf.
  • Buck'Chit the Loyal

    Buck'Chit the Loyal

    Looting bastard kid. Vicious slum-ram. Looks up to PCs...
  • Captain Zouthane

    Captain Zouthane

    Swordmaster Captain of the Boa'Sol Vanguard
  • Hornless One

    Hornless One

    Hornless Fully Grafted Bishop of Ramstead
  • Jabadoo


    Risen Ranger and Royal Groundskeeper of Old Ramstead
  • Lady Paragrim

    Lady Paragrim

    Falcon Tribe assassin of the Flock
  • Lord Granys

    Lord Granys

    Boa'Sol Clergy Treasurer
  • Pomme


    Treasurer's Scribe and Messiahs' Big Brother
  • Rook Loo

    Rook Loo

    Mute Champion of the King's Court
  • Smith Sappier

    Smith Sappier

    One Horn's Sad Blacksmith
  • Talon Elvira

    Talon Elvira

    Tradelord of Orlae Underbelly
  • Talon Garigold

    Talon Garigold

    Trade Master of Peculiar Oddities
  • The Baroness

    The Baroness

    Orlae Trade Baron Queen and Mother of the Flock of Hawklund
  • The Veil

    The Veil

    Mysterious Force hidden in the mists of West Lake
  • The Warlord

    The Warlord

    King of Ramstead and Warlord of Orlae
  • Toe-Biter


    Townie Thug
  • Warden Manzis

    Warden Manzis

    Wall Warden and Sharpshooter elite of Boa'Sol