Alldark Orlae

First Chronicle: Second Issue - Fall of Hizzart

Mallumon and Craig are exiting the Abbey – a posse of drunken Rams jumping them outside the main doors on the Main Hall Floor of Boa’Sol Chapel Grounds. The bustle of people part before the conflict – Craig having been punched in the face by one of the soldiers within seconds of exiting the “respected premises”. These drunken rams uphold their code of honor albeit in a brash and aggressive way.

The lone elf Hizzart sat and contemplated his fate for some time after falling behind the escort of riders. The thunder of their hooves vanishing into the din of a steadily raging storm permeating the complete darkness. A black so thick not even the sight of a pure blooded fey – native of Old Hawklund – could permeate. Hizzart could hear no better amidst the storms raging both outside and within him. Atop a trunk filled with 1000Marks he sat – locked in contemplation – alone amidst the fabled Battlefield Graveyard, an expanse littered with the once sacred remains of impossible numbers of soldiers fallen – their weapons thrust upwards through the rolling banks of snow – a veritable forest of rusted remains for many miles. Four Jinmenken descended upon him without being heard or seen. They attacked as a pack of wolves – colliding with Hizzart and toppling him to the frozen ground. Some had managed to inflict lethal wounds. Blood pumped freely from severed flesh and broken bone… Steam rose from the fresh gore. A great plume of mist billowed from the tangled beasts and their pray: Hizzart’s Hallowed Ability activating. The warlock evaporated one of the foul beasts with a tremendous blast before being completely torn apart by the human-faced hairless animals. These beasts of legend absorbed our fallen hallowed’s power upon consuming his blood – now a truly more horrific threat than ever before hunts in the dark… Hallowed Jinmenken.

Mallumon and Craig Dolan III rode with their escorts towards the music and gigantic wall of Boa’Sol. There they got a good lay of the land…
Along the way Mallumon had attempted to become closer friends with Zouthane – he mentioned how very cold he was despite showing no obvious signs – something the captain of the vanguard most likely noticed. No reaction was gleaned from him as they rode.
Upon arrival the duo made for the Patchwork Cathedral. Within the impossibly huge Main Chapel was a bustling town. They had been told upon parting with the escort of riders and their mounts that they would be free as casters here but had to meet with the Messiah’s to officially be welcomed. It seems the Messiah’s had questions for the duo…
Through perfectly subtle hand-signing, the Guildmaster swiftly located an associate of his secretive network who pointed them in the direction of an Inn.

Mallumon and Craig bonded with each other over pints they barely managed to procure and drink – as it was Dr. Toboggan that fetched the drank. They lost several Marks to the House after a few rounds of a card game not unlike blackjack. They had been accosted several times by an extremely short and drunk dwarf who seemed to be the leader of a group of Ram soldiers. He sat atop a small chair attached to the belt buckle of an impossibly big dwarf who wore the head rag of an executioner. All had the soiled but once brilliant Winter Whitegoat furs dawned – signifying their rank in the great army of the north

First Chronicle: First Issue - Enter Risen

rough bit of notes on players and an outline of what happened during the first session – more details behind creatures and events found in Wiki

Hizzart pursues Mallumon and Craig Dolan III who are being escorted by Zouthane and 3 of his riders east across the battlefield graveyards after emerging from the hallowed hall and slaying the hallowed beast. They murdered countless souls along with it to simply further their own power.

After some struggle they arose. Mallumon sunk deepest but leapt back from a foothold – blinding himself briefly from oil. Hizzart rose first and pulled Craig from the oil. They found their foothold outside the hole and discovered the Hallowed Hall. Bodies drifted and bumped into them – where skin touched skin small blue sparks flew – as fireflies dancing briefly into bodies where touched. Wounds healed and the bodies of the hall returned to life. A father cried for his son before succumbing to death at Hizzarts ha. The son, later found, was tricked by Hizzart and Craig into distracting the Beast that pursued them. Great waves lapped them upon the beast hearing cries and it found their location. Mallumon leaped from the oil and threw a sunrod directly back into oil. The flash was enough to see the beast for the first time. From the shadows Jabadoo cried out his location and tried to help them run but it was too late. In the chaos Craig lit the pillar closest to them and the beast alight with magic.

The beast struck the elf from behind – sending him flying into a pillar and dying into the oil sludge below (3ft deep). Craig lashed out with a scorching ray that set the beast and the chamber alike aflame. Bodies and oil burned – all were overtaken save the thief – who rode a wave and climbed onto a pillar above the fires. He dove – utilizing his Hallowed ability to coat himself (latent form) in frost and prevent his own oiled self from combustion on contact. Below the surface he was safe despite no air and increasing heat. He pulled hizzart to the surface where he found Jabadoo implementing his own latent ability – a cone of frost – cooling a patch of flaming oil just enough to stand. He cries out when the frost depletes and climbs a rope attached to the pillar from which he descended. The three burn to death…
They become consumed by the hallowed energy that brought them to life before – a cold explosive blossoming from the scars of their fatal wounds. Hallowed tier 1 achieved. Full hp restored. The blast of their awakening was enough concussive cold force to extinguish all flame and send the oil flying from them. The beast that thrashed and burned also returned – its own power awakened (as well as jabadoo).

Hizzart opens fire on the steadily approaching beast who paves a runway like path slowly but surely towards them from the dark beyond – the pillars crumbling in its wake. A great beam of energy erupted from the elf – colliding through a pillar before dancing, as though nothing but a breeze, from the hide of the Hallowed Beast. It laughed – betraying an intelligence returned. Mallumon released his Gelid Stream – but with similar effect. A barely noticeable action as the freezing air can barely be seen. Craig was diplomatic with the Beast – who spoke with him enough to form an uneasy alliance… Something about them both seeking a way out…

On the way towards the great pile and pillar of bodies descending from impossibly high above – all three began bringing people back from death with their touch. The hot room grew steadily cooler as more of them rose – and there were only more and more as they grew closer to the body laden pillar in the darkness beyond. The people all around were rising and following in a panic lead by the faint comfort of the PCs and craigs illuminated scythe – the pillar having been knocked down by the thrashing burning beast before awakening. Upon reaching the great mass of bodies stuck along and forming the pillar – they begin touching many. Mallumon is careful not to do so and attempts a to climb the still dead the form the pillar – avoiding skin with patience. His grit and technique was sure but the climb failed – he plummeted a significant distance – enough to be at -1.

Jabadoo intro – traditional ram bow (original style) rearing ram – leg up head bowed one arm out.

Jabadoo, along with the others had now begun to gather about the base of the pillar but Hizzart and Craigs careless resurections caused massive shifts in the structure of this long gathering pile. An avalanche of corpses triggered by the fighting lives of those brought back by the players hallowed energy surged upon them causing significant damage and trapping Craig and Hizzart among the tangle. Mallumon retained balance and noticed a charging Hallowed beast coming towards the great mass at the pillars base. Craig and Hizzart, along with jabadoo sprint at the head of the mob – guiding them away from the pillar with diplomatic words from hizzart and craigs lit scythe as guide. It worked – but the beast veered from the pillar (was running down a runway it had carved out earlier) and collided with the mob – far too tempting for this beast whom fed on the trickling of bodies for a millenia but rarely in such abundance (buffet). The creature – distracted by the hysteric and slaughtered masses – paid no heed to the players as they made their way to the pillar. There were others among their resurected – all with similar thoughts in mind : up. They climb, oil and all, clawing their way up one another. The players at the head but resurecting as they go – no time for caution. A steadily building mass of bodies behind them. The pillar shifts now and then – caused by shifting life.

A few others had gotten the idea before the players and were already at the top – where the hewn ceiling meets the pillar – some 1000feet away and hours of climbing. Where once was an opening stuffed with dead bodies falling from above now wriggled and crammed scores of living – who literally were carving their way through and making gaps so that they may climb further upward. Hizzart rallied those around him who he was resurrecting into cooperative action so as to make room for himself, the thief, and the sorcerer. This worked and the players quickly made their way beyond the bodies living and dead and beyond the pillar into the frozen earth above. They emerged countless hours later, ragged but alive. Jabadoo, it seemed, had arrived first.

With some thought, and only after Jabadoo had pulled a family of five to safety, and after he knocked craig out for trying to grab his beard and throw him in the hole, Hizzart tossed a flaming stick from jabs campfire into the oil soaked hole – burning everything and everyone within. +2 lvls, unlock tier II Hallowing. This caused a large combustion – which consumed the family. The hallowed blooded all avoided it with skill save craig whom was knocked out. This left a violent plume of flame sprouting from the hole in the dark.

From the earth erupted mysterious icicles preceding the death cry of the hallowed beast deep below. The icicles speared into the PCs – sending them flying but not wounding – it pierced their frozen hearts. Pieces of hallowed beasts power. SCARS activate and linger.

Jabadoo is shocked and enraged at the slaughter. He ultimately kneels. There is a heated exchange between the elf and the dwarf. The elf humiliates the kneeling noble dwarf – dissarming ceremoniously. Upon returning the weapon to Jabs feet and forcing a renaming of him to Crappa Doodoo. He was then forced to heal they knocked out Craig but left to go on his own way – which he said was to be North…

They are in battlefield graveyards and travel west to the pyre they spotted. Along the way a Noble is noticed – caught frozen between light sources. Mallumon put his hand crossbow to the things head and killed it quietly in dark.

At the pyre the thief sneaks into the storage shed and collects 1000 Boa’Sol Marks. Craig disguising himself as one of the Nobles (he saw in field) with spell but is spotted by the vanguard that protects the Boa’Sol Pyre. Zouthane noticed the creature emerge from the deep shadows into the light and approached with his vanguard at once – dismounting after feinting a mounted strike with his shiny daisho. It seems the disguise worked and had fooled the captain. The disguised craig spoke to the Captain though who muttered to the beast "how is it you’re coming from so far? Back to work… “Uhhhhh…” Nobles don’t talk! A blast from the shadows where Hizzart set Zouthane back, lightly scorching his face, immediately he put his swords away and smiled. His riders took their cue for readied rush and overtook craig who was trampled beneath them but retained spell. They dashed towards Hizzarts direction in the dark but he hid too well and they veered ever so slightly wide of his hiding spot in the snow among the shrines and ruins of the battlefield graveyards.

Zouthane approaches fallen craig – shining katana blade to throat. He smiles suddenly and holds out a hand – announcing no need to hide and that casters are welcome in Boa’Sol. Hard to read. Switches. Seems to fade in and out. With that he whistles to his men in what sounds like a shrill hiss – the know this particular noise to be friendly marking. They yell out hidden hizzart but he does not come.

At this point Mallumon is confidently striding out the door with a bag full of marks. The nobles react in a steadily more fearful way – parting before and creating a noticeable disturbance. 3 riders branch off from where they have gathered around craig and their captain. They ask Mallumon to leave the coins politely. He does so on the spot and a rider returns the bag while the other two escort the thief to the others. On the way he convinces zouthane that he was one who created the blast (at the same time as stealing the coin).

Zouthane offers them passage through the graveyard as he has questions for the two. A kindness Boa’Sol is known for is apparent here. Also a known refuge for casters – whose powers they wish to harness and understand. Two riders relinquish their steeds – giving the black woolen mares to the thief and the sorcerer for the ride ahead. These two, along with two other riders return to the Pyre to continue their patrol. Zouthane, and an escort rider for each of the PCs, begin their ride east.

Hizzart reveals himself and approaches in the dark. His elf heritage strong and true – his posture unflinching in the tremendous cold. “Hmmmm” Zouthane seems intrigued but not alarmed. “Sorry… unless yee posess a Note or a trade agreement… Elves aren’t welcome in my company.” his motives uncertain – possible racist or perhaps another reasoning? Hizzart decidedly dashes back to where he saw the sac of gold stashed by a guardsman and brought the entire trunk along with him in pursuit, though slow, of the others.

The escort leaves towards the distant glimmer of flickering lights beyond. A high and faint melody of angelic voices carried with it from eastern winds as cold as ice.

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