The once glorious Northern Province of Orlae burned brightest as the bastion of light and life in all the Realms.

A now long forgotten event that occurred here a thousand years ago brought about the final sunset. This ushered in a sudden era of rapid freezing and mass extinction – an ice age in the endless darkness.

The perpetual night, absolutely devoid of any star or moon, became known as the Alldark.

It spelled death for most anything that would live in the sun’s radiant warmth. And it created a veritable twisting of the very structure and soul of those who would adapt and evolve in the blackness.

Among those few clusters of life that managed to meek out an existence in the frozen land were the fractured societal remains of this once united province.

These culturally diverse gatherings of civilizations formed the Four Kingdoms.

The ancestral races of these peoples were at war long before the Alldark consumed and froze Orlae despite thriving during a period of unity and peace that preceded the Fall.

Arcana and Spellcasters are Damned. Spellcraft is very rare. It is met with varieties of extreme superstition. Often it is violent and hateful. It is known that magic is linked to the Fall. Spells and magical arts are understood as Condemnations in the northern tongue.

Only the light and warmth of fire permits life in the Alldark.

A rare strain of blood known as Lightblood runs in the veins of few and is this land’s most valuable resource. The bloodline holds tremendous power within it and has served as the central linchpin around which culture in the black north orbits.

This godly blood is a blessing for some but a curse for most as Lightblood burns brightest and burns eternally. It is said to be the blood of the first being of the sun – of life itself.


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