1. Our Campaign begins with the players describing their own deaths… How did they live?

2. What was it that brought about their demise?

3. Important: Do they come from this land? From how long before? Old World PCs = pure blooded race and appear true. Current World PCs = adapted to Alldark.

4. What do they have to do with each other or the setting?


RULES: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 SRD

+House Rule: Advantage/Disadvantage Mechanicmay claim when appropriate: Make check with 2d20. The highest of the two is used as your roll when at advantage. The lowest of the two is your roll when at a disadvantage.
+Campaign Variant: Hallowed Abilityeach character may begin play with a random Hallowed Ability (SA). This aberrant magic can improve through 9 tiers by absorbing the power of other Hallowed. Improvement depends on tier of Hallowed blooded creature slain. See Hallowed Blood for more.
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