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|The Four Kingdoms | Power Struggles of Orlae|

The bloodlands of the Frozen Northern Province of Orlae have violently clashed for thousands of years. The pressure among those who live in this age of darkness has reached a fever-pitch. This collective tension causes the land to quake and rumble with battle… these ever larger implosions of conflict have been accumulating and it is certain now that the promise of a great and potentially final war looms in the darkness.

North: The Warlord
South: The Baroness
East: The Messiahs
West: The Veil


|Alldark Orlae Overview|

|Ramstead| Royal Kingdom of the Northern Range
The Warlord rules with an iron fist in a mountain stronghold turned military city far to the north. Truly this massive city is a place of violence and bloodshed. War is woven into the very nature of these people. It’s citizens and royal soldiers are named after the legendary beast so well adapted to the Northern Range. Because of Ramstead’s military prowess – much of Orlae has moved within its legendary wall. Those denied entry remain in slums.
|Northern Range|Buckstone|Tower Vigils|

|Boa’Sol| Holy Land of the Eastern Mire
The Messiahs are to the East – in the old swamp lands of Orlae. This village is the smallest of the four city states. All of its residents live within a massive cathedral and all of whom serve their young brood of Lightblood vesicles with complete love and devotion. These apostles are renown as skilled craftsman and makers of specialty weapons/tools. There is constant conflict just outside the holy village’s legendary wall – which exists perpetual repair. Oil in mine. Salvation in church etc.
|The Mire|Battlefield Graveyards|Hallowed Hall|Fang Falls|Mudwallows|

|Hawklund| Tribe Lands of the Southern Tundra
The Baroness’s hub is located within a tent and caravan city that seems to be constantly in motion and whose residents have a close bond with the wild. Hawklund moves always for it pursues the last great herds. Hawklund is revered for it’s skills in Hunting, Gathering, and Trade. It is the trade capital of Orlae and has a foothold among allies and enemies alike. It often settles along the road to the south – where the mountain opens into Southern Provinces. Hawklund is home to The Flock.
|Nesthaal|Tribal Tundra|Ice Pyre|Arbora Morte|

|West Lake| Mysterious Waters and Lands of the Forgotten West
The Veil’s hideout is said to be somewhere in the mists choking the vast Lake and it’s shores. These waters and the forest-mountains south remain unknown and are feared among the populace. These lands were once heavily populated but fell to the hands of creatures after the ‘civilized’ conflicts concerning the area ceased mysteriously. The west is shunned and forbidden. There are many rumors of this vast region – some harken to days of a Demon Castle that once descended upon the first fey…
|Western Wilds|Western Range|The Fen|Falling Star|Ten Towns|

Most current popular belief on the secret of nature in the Alldark (how any natural thing continues to be without a sun in the sky: the sun is in a hidden river in the dark and creates small-sale versions of natural phenomena like photosynthesis and evaporation etc).
Some where in the dark, an ancient and powerful fungus forest has erupted deep in the mountains. It is a species of giant mushroom that sprouts from the flesh and soul of dead gods. It purifies waters that pass through it. Apparently, this pure water imbued with godly life giving spores runs into the forbidden wilds to the west and the demon valley of Old Hawklund…This river has brought a pocket of true nature back to Orlae and it is the place to and from which most living creatures must return in order to exist. Despite being home to humble animals, the pure river actually holds demons at bay, for they cannot cross its naturally holy water. Only when it ceases to flow can they consume Orlae.

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Set Brief

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