Ongoing Happenings in the Alldark

The northern province is alive and vividly bustling about the dark. There are many things going on that may or not be of interest but certainly impact life here. For this reason they are noted below. Specific quests or narratives may arise should one become wrapped up in the business of others. A record of these incidences can be found here: Quests.

Alldark Narcotics | Grip of the Trade Lords
The Baronesses henchmen control almost all drug traffic and have incurred a general dependence on it by soldiers and peasants alike. It is known as Essence and it is derived from the Magic Ash of purified condemnations. The dust is cut with all manner of ungodly things for mass distribution.
Consumption methods: drinking, smoking, snorting, injecting, slitting (among secret spellcaster circles and high frequency users. Inflict wounds and administer dust within then seal. Wounds in patterns and in places of significance to caster and such).
When consumed: the user has increased control over functions – a releasing of hidden potentials. The come down induces Fatigue for 1day/gram consumed. It is highly addictive. 1gold = 1gram
These traffickers also circulate most anything that goes for a high price. Things received from the rest of the kingdoms underbellies. Lightblood, vessels themselves, people, creatures, deeds, weapons, condemnation magic stuff from the Old World as well as new illegal magical artifice. Talon is behind this. Namely: Talon Elvira

Battles at the Boa’Sol Wall
Hawklund seeks weapons technology desperately but is particularly interested in Boa’Sol’s famed poison stores as it would suit the cloak and dagger methods of the Flock well. Guerrilla espionage sabotage tactics. Some claim Boa’Sol and Hawklund have a trade agreement and are effectively allied in secret…
Ramstead leads the odd siege to throw its weight and affirm its foothold in Boa’Sol at the lookout tower high above the land. It seeks only to strengthen its armies and desires the oil below the settlement. Ramstead’s militia once frequently assault the town – whenever the people would riot and overthrow the watchtower. Not even the great wall could keep them out long. They came to a deal where steep quotas had to be met from the church folk and miners in exchange for their protection. Some claim the Warlord seeks not only all of Boa’Sol but the source of Holy Lightblood itself – the Messiahs.
The Veil seeks the child Messiahs and once waged a condemned war against Boa’Sol. Innumerable people and casters alike perished – leaving a genocidal wake lasting centuries and still going strong. Some claim she has hidden her emissaries among the Clergy…
Current Status: Wall Warden Manzis and team of sharpshooters stand ever vigilant. Vanguard of riders, captain Zouthane among them, patrol grounds between wall and pyre.

Combat Circuit
There are a series of organized battles constantly occurring among the civilized peoples of the Alldark. One can climb their way to a comfortable abode and honorable title in Ramstead’s Inner City should they come out on top…
The Pits, Four Dames, Ten Towns,
Preliminary Round: Battles on the beach. Occurs in Four dames on the beach. Battle royal among new applicants. Last ten to remain are victorious.
Primary rounds: Proceed to Pitts. Dozens of wide pits in rooms connected by a large network of tunnels. Be victorious in each pit to proceed. Animals and other combatants. (survive 5 battles or impress crowd to proceed). Largest pit at center – houses Pit Champion. Victor given 1000 coins, property in Ten Towns, the title of Champion (free services in Ten Towns), and a Note for Ramstead.
Arena, Outer City, Ramstead
Secondary rounds: classic coliseum arena boasting thousands of seats and interesting terrain.
King’s Court, Inner City Citadel, Ramstead
Final rounds: Atop the great tower and spectated by the innermost circles of Orlae’s elite exclusively.

Firearms in circulation
Weapons production has begun in Boa’Sol. Highly sought after guns, explosives, and poisons. It seems the guidance of The Messiah’s led the eastern kingdom to discover oil in the belly of the mountain. The children claim this discovery hints at the fabled river of light even deeper beneath this river of toxic oil. Clever apostles closest to the Messiah’s developed long ranged combustion tools to assist in the defense of the great wall overlooking their lands. They coat their iron bullets in poison from the oldest boas who dwell in the dead forests and mudwallows to the south. This poison induces a paralysis so powerful that anyone afflicted breaks their own bones as though compressed by the ancient boa itself (severe muscle spasms). Other specialty munitions abound as well. Wall Warden and her sharpshooters always seeking able bodied combatants – provide training. Messiah’s are looking to hire gun traders that could circulate firearm crafts on the behalf of Boa’Sol. Lead firearms trader (Boa’Sol Gunlord) killed by Flock assassins who seized all supplies beyond the wall to turn their own profit.

Hallowed Blood Mastery | Spirit of Alldark Orlae | Risen Call
Children’s story about old legend: the first days of sun and shadow…
There were once beings whose blood ran opposed to the living creatures of the sun. They were perpetually cold and immortal. Some called them Camazotz in the old tongue. They existed only where the first rays of the sun could not shine and were said to have made water when coupled with the solar beings. The legend tells of this water accumulating and created a rushing river of new life.
The sun said goodbye for the last time one day. The shadow remained alone – it’s own frozen emptiness consuming the void in the sun’s wake…
Risen are the true heirs of the Alldark. Magic is product of Latent properties of Death Realm Alldark Orlae. This special brand of shadow/ice necromancy elicited through some forbidden tongue was practiced in the heart of the valley below those places where blood was spilled most. The mystics of these mythic chambers tapped into condemnations inherent to the forlorn land and pulled forth their latent power – placing it in vessels of dead beings and reanimating them with fragments of the ancient spirits of undying cold. Those who rise feel the chilling call in their bones – at once a rallying cry and a threat: “Prove thyself worthy”. To whom? To the Alldark? Worthy of what? Power? Life? Redemption? Who can help the Risen answer?

Mountain Hunts for the Beasts of Old
Ramstead has an open bounty for information regarding giant or rare beasts of the mountain. Harnessing their prowess through the “blessings” of lightblood has bolstered the military force for decades so much though there is little that remains of the wilds untouched by the military city. It is only the most powerful and the most cunning of the old godly beasts that could have eluded Ramstead’s iron fist – and all the more desirable are they because of that. It has reached a boiling point. A large percentage of the city’s population are “hunters” in this sense. Many outsiders calling the place home now have come north to join in this for presenting enough low ranking beast heads allows them to live in the city instead of the crowded slums massing outside the gates.
Any dead beast is a Note for Ramstead. Hunting Rankings by Region List:
25gp per head for low rank beast (reward: lodging in city)
100gp per head for mid rank (reward: gift from city)
500gp per head for high rank (reward: title and/or land)
(Double if alive)

Quests for the River of Light
Many of gone in search of the river described in legend. They wander the Western wilds or the West Lake but it seems none ever return. Those lands are forbidden for a reason – they are teeming with danger indeed. Despite the obvious risk – many continue to set out in search of the fabled waters. To feel and see what has now become only the echoes of stories – witnessing true light is of the most beloved desires of the people.

Roaming Valkyrie | Ronin Queens of Ramstead
One of the first Warlords was renown for manifesting the most devastating iteration of most powerful military force in the land: the Kingdom of Ramstead itself. This is due to strategy, location, and history, but mainly it is due to the nature of the very people who call themselves Rams. Among them were Warmaidens – dwarven women blessed by Gods of the mountain. Their Lightblooded descendants were kings and queens during the rise and fall of Orlae. 400 years ago there were 12 heirs born to this throne. These hellish children from the moment of their conception.
Upon the death of their father, The Warlord King of this time, the heirs began a 100 year long conflict to sieze the city. The Queens began augmenting their bodies with Lightblood Grafts to grow more powerul and live far longer than any mortal. Their own grieving mother defeated them and turned them into a legendary vanguard of immortal ram riding women of the mountain. They were the Valkyrie: A harem of warriors and personal guard to future generations of Warlord Kings and Queens. It is true no person or group, however large, has ever lived to tell the tale of encountering the elite knights. They say these valkyrie are the most skilled warriors in the land. The truth is they are abominations of lightblood experimentation.

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