Talon Garigold

Trade Master of Peculiar Oddities


The Talon Garigold secret is known only by those who have well-traveled the various regions and societies of Orlae. This Trade Master has duplicated itself several times. More accurately, Garigold split himself into several lesser Garigolds. They exist and operate with one consciousness. Most wander while some remain in settlements and conduct Talon business. Note: when one dies a portion of Garigold dies itself.

Garigold is a true master of oddities and has sought out knowledge from the entirety of Orlae in this mastery. Very apt condemnation practitioner – and an especially capable Grafter {finest in Orlae – often employed by The Warlord when ascending Rams}. Somewhat apathetic in general but curious if presented with something odd that piques interest. Has an uncanny wild empathy and an innate animal like demeanor. Usually Garigolds are found alone but always there are animals or insects nearby. The merchant favors nighthawks and boas. There are few who threaten Garigold as it is well known that he merely seems alone and is but a whisper away from summoning lethal aid – be it Tribal Hawks, beasts, or condemnation.

A fair trader and merchant. Values knowledge over coin but seeks to profit in both always. Able of acquiring things or conducting deeds of many natures. Has steep costs – often more than words can communicate.

Talon Garigold

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